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The independent and comprehensive database for building glass


About glassdbase

glassdbase in an independent and comprehensive database for building glass. It is the place to find data on commercial insulating glasses determined at the Institute of Physics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. glassdbase is focused on sun protection glasses.

glassdbase reveals among others the following angular dependent data on insulating glasses:
- spectral transmittance T, spectral reflectance R, and spectral absorptance A
- solar direct transmittance Te, solar direct reflectance Re, and solar direct absorptance Ae
- light transmittance Tv, and light reflectance Rv
- total solar energy transmittance g (g-factor)
- detailed color information on the transmitted and reflected daylight
- general color rendering index Ra

glassdbase contains a dynamic temperature simulation of a standard room during a cloudless fair weather period. The maximum temperature rise of the room's interior tells you how efficient the solar protection of the selected glass works in the example given here.

Are you interested in data on glasses not yet available in glassdbase?Please contact us.